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Exhibition Curator:

Ilaria Della Monica (Archivist)

Advisory Board:

Alina Payne (Paul E. Geier Director of Villa I Tatti)

Michael Rocke (Nicky Mariano Librarian, Director of the Biblioteca Berenson)

Giovanni Pagliarulo (Agnes Mongan Curator of the Fototeca Berenson, Curator of the Berenson Art Collection)

Alexandra Enzensberger (Postdoctoral Fellow / Assistant to the Director for Academic Programs)

Web Producer:

Lukas Klic (Manager of Information Services & Digital Initiatives)

Web Developer:

 Andrea Caselli (Web Services Specialist)

Graphic Designer:

Francesco Cipriani

Scanning Operator

Niccolò Baldini 

Cataloging Assistants

 Diana Ingerman

Sylvie Rubin-Budick


This online exhibition was launched on November 4, 2016 marking the 50th anniversary of the Arno flood.