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Supplementary Information Centers


New England


Massachusetts (Central and East) – John Coolidge and Sydney J. Freedberg, Harvard University

Massachusetts (West) and Vermont - James Holderbaum, Smith College; Paul Norton, University of Massachusetts; William Carpenter, The Art Guild

Rhode Island – Fred S. Licht and Mrs. Susan Bigger, Brown University; Mrs. Attwood Knight, Providence

Connecticut (Southwest) – Charles Seymour, Yale University


New York


New York City – Rudolf Wittkower, Columbia University; Mrs. Margaret Scolari Barr; Colin Eisler, Institute of Fine Arts; Miss Sanka Knox, New York Times; Leonard J. Slatkes, Queens College; Mrs. Renata Rutledge; Johan Sellenraad, Long Island University

New York State – Peter Baruzzi, Skidmore College; Matt Phillips, Bard College; Edgar W. Curtis, Union College; Ruth L. Healey, Russell Sage College; Ralph Della-Volpe, Bennett College




Washington, D.C.  – Miss Frances Coughlin

Pennsylvania (East) – Frederick Hartt, University of Pennsylvania; Miss Ann Lowry, Swarthmore College

New Jersey and Delaware – Millard Meiss, Institute for Advanced Study; Ernest DeWald, Princeton University; Mrs. John Evans




Virginia – Mrs. William A. Little, University of Virginia

North Carolina – R. Phillip Hanes, Vice President, Arts Council of America, Winston-Salem


North Midwest


Illinois (North) – Thomas Buckman, American Library Association, Chicago

Minnesota – Carl Shepperd, University of Minnesota

Ohio (North) – Richard Burton, Cleveland Museum of Art

Ohio (South) – Mrs. Edgar M. Johnson III and Mrs. Leo Friedman, co-chairmen, Cincinnati; Vincent Bolling and Thomas Colt, Dayton

Indiana – A. Reid Winsey, Depauw University


West Coast


California (North) – Alden Murray, De Young Museum, San Francisco

California (South) – Frankin Murphy, Chancello, UCLA

California – Eric Bass and Donald Brewer, La Jolla Museum of Art, La Jolla; Miss Marguerite Walker, Bakersfield; Frederick W. Sleight, Director, Palm Springs Desert Museum, Palm Springs; Carlo Golino, University of California at Riverside; Joseph V. Ricapito and Albert Friedman, Pomona College; Alfred Moir and Guy Roop, Santa Barbara CRIA

Oregon (Portland) – Francis J. Newton, Director, Portland Art Museum; T. C. Price Zimmerman, Reed College




Jean Boggs, Director, National Gallery of Art, Ottawa